Sharon Horner

Natural Figure Champion
Certified Fitness Trainer & Beauty Therapist
Owner of Gym UFO – Ultimate Fitness One on One Tahmoor NSW
Mum of 3
Competition History: 2011 South Coast Short Figure 2nd 2011 Sydney Short Figure Masters 4th 2011 Sydney Short Figure 5th 2011 Newcastle Novice Figure 4th 2011 Newcastle Women’s Masters Figure 6th 2012 South Coast Short Figure 1st and Overall 2012 Sydney Short Figure 2nd 2012 Victoria Master Women Figure 1st

"Great nutrition and quality supplementation are essential for my success and supplementation which have been fuelling my workouts since I was 17yrs old.. So I’ve tried my share of protein powders that is for sure. In order to get good flavour and consistency, even mixed with water, the choices are those with high calories, high sugar or fat, or spiked with artificial sweeteners. In my little book, none of those are great options. I’ve found a few that are acceptable, nothing to boast about as they just get the job done. So when I was introduced to Captain Anabolic R22, OMG !!! It is by far the best protein I have ever had, hands down, no comparison! It has no unnecessary ingredients. It mixes amazing in water, does not go lumpy or no little surprises left in the bottom. It has no nasty aftertaste, it’s creamy and the taste, well let’s just say it tastes like something I shouldn’t be eating when contest dieting. I love that there’s three different proteins in it, it covers all the bases creating the perfect blend. It has a great list of branched chain amino acids ingredients as well, it’s filling and yet never leaves me feeling bloated, and even better, it’s made right here in Australia. It has everything I need to build lean muscle and best of all support my recovery time after heavy weight training. This range is definitely my anchor to my women’s Figure Bodybuilding career. So after years of trial and error, I've found the best protein on the planet. This is the making of my contest diet a whole lot more enjoyable. And here’s to the off-season when Captain Anabolic helps to create an even better me in the gym!!"

Scott Hill

B.App.Sci (physiotherapy)
National Powerlifting Champion
National/Oceania/Commonwealth Record Holder
Trainer of National and World Champions

“I started using Captain Anabolic’s R22 whey protein exclusively pre and post workout recently. As a powerlifter i had been out of form this year but once I implemented this great product I found my recovery dramatically improved and I am back on track to destroy some new national records by the end of the year. Added benefit is it tastes great and has a protein ratio second to none! If your serious about getting strong and adding lean mass I Highly recommend Captain Anabolics R22 whey protein. NO HYPE, JUST RESULTS!!!“

Tanya Clark

Figure Model & Competitor

"When it comes to my protein shake, nothing beats Captain Anabolic R22. CA-R22 is great for after training, it is light on the stomach and delivers heavy results. The contents in CA-R22 are perfect for my goals as a female figure model. The low carbohydrate intake assists me in losing sufficient weight, high protein along with BCAA’s are great for recovery and lean muscle growth. The branding says it all! Captain Anabolic is there working between meals, when your are feeling fatigued after a workout – he picks you back up and steps you into line, also tells you when its lights out – makes you sleep like a baby when taken just before bed. Training has never been better with Captain Anabolic! Thanks El Captain!

Blake Moore


"For the past 5-6 weeks I have been using the new R22 protein powder, not only do I feel a lot stronger and more dominant in my sport of BMX racing but it's the best tasting shake I have EVER had! The respect I have for Michael (owner of Muscle Beach) is through the roof as we grew up in my earlier years competing at club level. I'm so happy I have now found a powder that I will stick to, if you find yourself having trouble finding the right powder for you head on down to Muscle Beach Campbelltown and look for the nice guy and his awesome R22 formula!!"

Dave Bentham

BMX Rider and Bodybuilder

"As a multi-discipline top level athlete, I am always on the lookout for top quality, low price protein supplements to assist in my recovery and muscular development. Finally, after using pretty much every other protein supplement on the market, I was introduced to Pro Peptide R22 by Captain Anabolic. What first captivated me after consuming this protein was how smooth it was, followed by its rich flavour. It mixed really well in my shaker with no 'chunky' bits left over in the shaker after drinking. I've saved a stack of money over the last six months by purchasing R22 instead of the mainstream products. At the end of the day, the results speak for themselves. I've been winning more BMX races, been faster on the track and a lot stronger in the gym! I'd recommend R22 to anybody who is serious about improving their sports performance and quality of everyday life."